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Many Lies About Me…

Singer, Producer and Founder of TNS Music, Nkazimulo Ngema popularly known by his stage name as TNS has finally opened up on why he stopped accepting interview from journalists.

TNS came into the limelight of South African entertainment industry when he released his first track ”My Dali” on 15 January 2019 .  My Dali was TNS’s first hit single which was played in all radio stations on 31st January 2019. Following the success of ”My Dali” TNS proceeded in opening his own record label ”TNS Music”.

In an official statement he released this morning made available to our team, TNS explained why he stopped doing interviews, He further spoke about his upcoming album, His first annual TNS one man show at Kwamashu Freedom Park coming up by June.

According to him on why he stopped doing interview, he said ”I stopped doing interview to promote my music because more information about my music is not exactly what they want but they all want negativity and lies about me”.

Read Below TNS’s Official Statement..

I stopped doing interviews to promote my music because somehow more info about my music is not exactly what they want  but negative shits and lies about TNS which is a brand i worked hard for. TNS is everything to me, I love him, i protect him in so many ways. I remember there were so many lies about me on papers before i dropped Madlokovu  and all those lies hurt me  and disturb my mind so bad, my way of thinking changed, i though of killing myself because i don’t know what or how to respond to such lies about my brand  ”TNS” i cried so much, stood up and got myself back. I gave people music i stopped hurting about shit and lies about me. God was there all the way from the start till now and i will always thank him for giving me strong followers and supporters who are not there for negativity but for good music  and love for TNS.

Again am dropping the second album soon and am doing the first annual TNS One Man Show in 27 June at Kwamahu Freedom Park

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